Mark R. Spurling, Attorney at Law

Mark R. Spurling, Attorney at Law

When it comes to matters of business law, real estate law, probate law, and wills and trusts, Mark R. Spurling is one of the most qualified and experienced legal professionals in the Vernon, CT area and beyond. He currently serves as a professor of business law with the University of Connecticut, a position he's held for over 12 years. In addition to educating young legal professionals for over a decade, Mark was awarded a Teaching Excellence award in 2012. Mark R. Spurling, Attorney at Law has represented a number of "high profile" clients as well, including several representatives of various Fortune 500 companies.

Despite these prestigious acclaims, Mark prides himself most on his attention to the excellent personal care of each and every one of his clients. It's not unusual to find Mark walking his clients all the way to the front door to see them out after a meeting, or calling them to follow up after the conclusion of a case. It's this high level of commitment to client satisfaction that has made Mark R. Spurling, Attorney at Law so successful throughout his years of representing clients in real estate law, wills and trusts, probate law, and others.

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Our mission is to establish and maintain a lasting relationship with the client by providing personal and compassionate advice and counsel.

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