How Will Your Assets Be Distributed?

How Will Your Assets Be Distributed?

Create a will or trust in Vernon, CT

Without a valid will or trust, you leave medical care decisions and the allocation of your assets entirely up to state laws. This could result in higher taxes on your estate and a long and costly probate process for your family, not to mention the probability of your assets being disbursed in an unfavorable manner.

To establish sound, legally-binding plans for your medical care, end-of-life arrangements and asset allocation, speak with Mark R. Spurling, Attorney at Law about wills and trusts in Vernon, CT. Mr. Spurling will review your assets and your goals to help you create a comprehensive plan for your estate. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation regarding wills and trusts in Vernon, Connecticut.

Make plans for your most valued possessions

Many times, the most prized family heirlooms have little to no monetary value at all. It is important to also consider these possessions when making plans for your estate to ensure that these priceless items are bequeathed to the ones you intend for them to go to.

Mr. Spurling understands the significance of your possessions, regardless of their monetary value, and helps you create a comprehensive plan for them. Call today to learn how you can establish a plan for all of your prized possessions.

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