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Trust an Attorney to Help You Navigate Though Probate Court

Probate law in Vernon, CT & all of Tolland County, CT

Even with the presence of a valid will, the probate process is necessary for the executor to administer the conditions of the will. This procedure is generally straightforward, but the executor is legally responsible for accurate administration and can be held liable for any mistakes. Naming an experienced attorney the executor of your estate is the best way to ensure it is handled professionally and accurately.

If there is no will present or the will is contested, the probate process will likely be more demanding. An attorney who is thoroughly experienced with probate law can expedite the process while representing your best interests. For assistance through probate court in the absence of a valid will, trust Mark R. Spurling, Attorney at Law.

Is it possible to avoid probate altogether?

Through the establishment of a living trust, "joint tenancy," or other effective estate planning tools, it may be possible to avoid the probate process completely. This can result in immediate allocation of your assets, saving your family the added stress of probate during an already troubling time. For more information on how you can help you family avoid the hassle of probate, contact Mark R. Spurling, Attorney at Law today.

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